Call for pictures!

We at Pan Pals would like to share how you are finding meaning during the pandemic. What matters most to you during this time? Where are you finding solace and hope? What new discoveries has #quarantinelife brought for you?  (See below for an example from Dr. Pearson.) 

Here’s our challenge to you: take a picture with your cell phone or camera, and email that picture along with a few sentences describing it to  If you’re not a technological genius, don’t worry: we can re-size and rotate images on our end. Please send the image “actual size” or as large as your device allows.

Selected photos and narratives will be featured on our website. To see what your community is sharing, subscribe to the website and get alerts of new posts!

Shalom y salud,

The Pan Pals Team

My usual exercise is swimming at the San Antonio Natatorium, but during stay-at-home orders I have been going on daily walks. Walking around my neighborhood has helped me meet many of my human neighbors from a distance, and some of my animal neighbors up close! I found this little red-eared slider in the street, and was able to carry him to a safe, grassy spot. It felt really nice to help a fellow creature out. (And in case you’re worried about salmonella, nerds, I did wash my hands after picking him up!)

-Rachel Mae Pearson, San Antonio TX

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